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Unlocking Meta in 2023: 5 Tips from our latest training day at Meta's London HQ

As technology advances, the marketing and advertising world is constantly evolving. To stay on top of the game, Planit’s paid media team attended a Meta training day back in March, where they gained insights on the latest trends and strategies with the platform. Here are their key takeaways:

Launch of hero ASC Advantage+ Tool – Meta’s first end-to-end A.I solution

Meta's new ASC Advantage+ tool is a game-changer for our e-commerce clients. This end-to-end AI solution can run up to 150 creatives in one ad set at the same time, resulting in amazing results. Planit has been testing this solution and we can attest to its effectiveness. The launch of Advantage+ marks a new era in Meta advertising, and we are excited to see how others will follow suit.

Importance of considering Gen Z shoppers in marketing strategies

As the youngest generation of consumers, Gen Z shoppers have unique values and beliefs that should be considered when developing marketing strategies. A study has shown that 54% of Gen Z shoppers believe that corporate social responsibility is important to their buying decisions. Additionally, 51% feel more connected to brands that use a diverse set of creators. Trustworthiness (80%) and authenticity (66%) are the most important factors in content, while entertainment (55%) and visually appealing (40%) are also important. Brands should communicate their connection, value, beliefs, diversity, transparency, and authenticity through their social media and creatives.

Fundamental changes in shopping habits

Change in shopping habits, nothing new... This time trends are noticing that whilst consumers seem to be continuously shopping, they’re now waiting for content to come to them. To keep up with these changes, agencies and marketing teams should focus on four elements: data, media, creative, and measurement.

Account setup recommendations

Meta again stressed the importance of correctly implementing their Conversions API (CAPI) ahead of the transfer deadline in 2024, unlocking more accurate and reliable reporting for their advertisers. With this, Meta advises advertisers to focus on achieving a good or great EMQ (Event Match Quality) score; used to determine how accurately Meta and a brand’s website events match. A great score ensures that conversion tracking, targeting, and custom audiences based on events work properly.

Account simplification is also important, as it allows the system to efficiently test, learn, and deliver results. Aim for 80% not in learning and 20% in learning. If nothing is in learning, that means you are not testing. Audiences are becoming more saturated quicker than ever, so having a broad audience is key. Advantage+ is an excellent solution to test.

Importance of improving total value

It's crucial for agencies and marketing teams to focus on improving the total value of their Meta campaigns. This determines the ad rank and ultimately leads to winning more auctions, resulting in improved performance. Estimated action rates and user value are two key factors that impact total value, and both can be influenced by us as advertisers. Therefore, it's essential to factor these metrics into every strategy and optimise accordingly.

A final little takeaway we hear you ask? Try the following formula when next trying to calculate the maximum number of ad sets: (Total Weekly Budget / CPA) x 50.

Attending the Meta training day has provided our agency's paid media team with valuable insights that will enable us to provide better results for our clients. If you’d like to find out how Planit may be able to support your business with Paid Media & Affiliate marketing, please contact or


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