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Case Study: Readly

SITUATION Readly is the new way of reading magazines on your smartphone, with over 3,000 titles available their mission is simple – To be on the cutting edge of the digital magazine revolution.The newly appointed team had identified the affiliate channel as an opportunity for growth. The campaign had zero awareness in the affiliate space, and was being managed using legacy tracking resulting in an underperforming programme.

SOLUTION Planit launched a multi channel affiliate programme and identified over 250 highly relevant sites and app placements for CPA activity. Supporting the CPA activity was a highly targeted awareness drive through tenancy packages, CPA boosts, influencer activity and bespoke partnership promotions. Prior to launching, joint teams developed a bespoke real time reporting solution, this was key to being able to scale at pace. The result was that Planit could optimise to LTV on a daily basis.


  • 450% Growth of affiliate sign ups

  • Consistently achieving ROI

  • Live in 6 regions


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