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Diversifying Your Affiliate Mix: Adding Content to the Cashback & Voucher Portfolio

As the digital marketing landscape evolves, advertisers are increasingly seeking to diversify their affiliate mix, moving beyond traditional cashback and voucher schemes. This shift is not merely a trend but a strategic realignment towards more sustainable and value-driven marketing practices. Content affiliates, with their ability to engage users through informative and compelling narratives, are becoming a central element of this new approach.

The reliance on cashback and voucher affiliates has traditionally dominated the affiliate marketing space due to their direct impact on conversion rates. However, this model often leads to a cycle of dependency where real engagement and brand loyalty are sidelined. The rise of content affiliates represents a move towards engaging potential customers earlier in their buying journey, providing them with valuable information and helping to build a relationship with the brand before any purchasing decision is made.

To effectively transition to this more diversified affiliate strategy, measurement and optimisation plays a crucial role. With platforms like, marketers now have the ability to track the entire customer journey from first impression to final purchase. This granular data allows for a deeper understanding of where different types of affiliates contribute most effectively. For example, while a content site might excel in the awareness and consideration phases, a cashback site might still be effective at the point of conversion. By analysing this data, marketers can allocate budgets more efficiently and design incentives that align with the specific strengths of each affiliate type.

With all of this, the recruitment of content affiliates requires a targeted approach, focused on relevancy and the audience. Here, tools like Publisher Discovery provide a competitive edge. Offering insights into which content affiliates are active across different networks, competitors and niches, enabling targeted recruitment strategies. Integrating this approach with automated email outreach recruitment processes ensures that marketers can quickly and effectively expand their affiliate portfolios, within a specific niche or a selection of a competitor's affiliates, without distracting from the day-to-day.

Overall, the shift towards incorporating more content affiliates into marketing strategies is driven by the need for deeper customer engagement and sustainable brand growth. By leveraging advanced analytics for precise measurement and optimising recruitment strategies, marketers can effectively diversify their affiliate mix. This strategic approach not only enhances the immediate effectiveness of marketing campaigns but also builds a foundation for long-term customer loyalty and brand advocacy.


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