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Instagram Shopping Ads

What is it?

Instagram have now launched shopping ads to its platform. This allows advertisers to directly advertise its products on the consumers feed. This allows your business to become intentness storefront for people to explore and purchase your products, with a simple click. Unlike Facebook, whereas the shopping feed shows independent products, you can tag products on your photos to allow the consumer to directly purchase that product, like below;

How does this affect you?

More than 800,000 shoppers use Instagram frequently every month. Instagram is a great way of sharing your imagery, photos and products to a tailored audience. Now you have the ability to show your products and prices. This allows the consumer to connect greater with the brands that they follow and engage with. The consumer will have the ability to purchase your products with a single click, directing them through to the page of the product they engaged with. This will increase purchase intent for the consumer.

How to use it?

It’s simple, link your Instagram account to your product feed or Facebook shop, build your campaign and create a budget. Once this has been actioned, upload photos as per normal and tag the photos for shopping intent. However, you need to ensure that you are targeting the relevant audience for your campaign. It is highly recommended to use an agency who knows the platform and advertising space to ensure you are able to record growth and revenue for this advertisement.

Potential Results?

BigCommerce were allowed access to Instagram’s new tagging capabilities – built specifically for ecommerce brands – which significantly enhance product discovery on the platform. As a result of this, BigCommerce have released an article stating that on average a brand increased its traffic by 1,416% and revenue by 20%.

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