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Meet the women who inspire our women

Planit is powered by a whole team of incredibly bright, inspiring and clever women. And we’re proud of them. Every day, they help our agency evolve, develop and grow. So, as the world celebrates International Women’s Day 2022, we want to share a little about the inspirational women behind our agency – and the women who inspire them:

Charlie Lynn, our Managing Director

As our Managing Director, Charlie has overall responsibility for ‘all things Planit’, from our growth, success, and profitability, to building out our award-winning team of great individuals, and making sure we meet clients’ needs every single day.

Charlie’s inspiration – Glennon Doyle: “I’ve recently become really interested in Glennon Doyle, the American author and activist who wrote Untamed, Love Warrior, and Carry On, Warrior. The more I read from her the more I want to take in! She just has a fantastic way of changing the way you think about life, obstacles and personal growth.”

Jess Walker, our Paid Media Account Manager

Jess is our clients’ day-to-day contact and responsible for the growth and development of our client relationships and accounts – working closely with our lovely biddable team to deliver on our strategies and client KPIs.

Jess’s inspiration – Jacinda Ardern: “Whenever I see the New Zealand PM pop up on my newsfeed I feel admiration and hope! She breaks the mould when it comes to political leaders (unfortunately!), with her drive and genuine compassion. I love this quote of hers: ‘If I

could distil down one concept that we are pursuing in New Zealand, it is simple and it is this: kindness.’ She’s an amazing inspiration as a woman in a position of power, in a male dominated world, who uses kindness to stamp her mark of power and strength.”

Andreea Gheorghe, our Paid Search Manager

Andreea develops and delivers digital marketing campaigns, with a focus on paid search. This means she mostly advertises on search engines, such as Google and Microsoft, to drive growth for her clients.”

Andreea’s inspiration – Nadia Comăneci: “Many people will associate my home country, Romania, with the former gymnast and a five-time Olympic gold medallist Nadia Comăneci – and she has always been an inspiration for me. She was the first gymnast to score a perfect 10 at the Olympic Games. And she achieved that at the age of 14! She remains a role model for me and I love her dedication and determination.”

Hannah Simpson, our Head of Affiliate and Direct Media

Hannah has ownership of some of our key client relationships and the AM team responsible for campaign execution, overseeing delivery of Planit’s affiliate-client portfolio.

Hannah’s inspiration – Michelle Obama: “I listened to the former First Lady’s audiobook, Becoming, during many walks in lockdown – and I was instantly enamoured by her incredible life, as well her amazing story-telling abilities! Michelle is a complete powerhouse of a woman. She represents so many things I believe everyone should aspire to: she is authentic, hardworking, charitable, family-focused and loyal.”

Hebe O’Malley, our Client Success Manager

Hebe manages the relationships between our clients and our media buying team. Responsible for supporting and pushing all parties to remain focused on the clients objectives and KPI’s – she takes client success seriously.

Hebe’s inspiration – Maya Jama: “I just love British TV presenter and DJ Maya. She is young, hilarious, humble, true to herself, hardworking and ambitious. She handles herself with class, but doesn’t take life too seriously. She has a magnetic energy and is talented at presenting and DJ-ing. She has been hugely successful at such a young age. She handles the limelight with grace and is a fantastic role model for girls.”

Lauren Juzl, our Business Development Exec

As her title suggests, Lauren helps us explore business develop opportunities and stay on top of the latest moves in the industry.

Lauren’s inspiration – Kelly Anna: “Artist Kelly Anna is known for her illustrations of silhouetted women, exploring themes on movement, sport and wellness. All her works – most often depictions of the female form – are a celebration of womanhood, power and, most importantly, joy. A powerful artist and mother, she was recently featured breastfeeding her son in an article for Hunter Magazine, empowering honest conversation around breastfeeding and motherhood. She inspires me to celebrate my womanhood and to have honest conversations around topics that are often silenced. Here’s a link to her Insta in-case you’d like to take a peak

Hope Stenning, our Head of Paid Media

Hope manages a team of media buyers who plan, execute & optimise our paid media campaigns across a multitude of platforms.

Hope’s inspiration – Kris Hallenga: “Kris founded the breast cancer charity Coppafeel! at age 23 with her sister. After being diagnosed herself, she realised there was very little information for young women about breast cancer awareness – so that is what her charity aims to do. I admire her determination to help other people, despite being faced with a life altering disease. She’s been living with Breast cancer for 13 years and has recently written a book ‘Glittering a Turd’ on living life to the fullest, whatever cards you are dealt.”

Seda Bakin, our Account Executive 

Seda helps us stay connected to our clients, and helps examine their industry and business

activities to suggest appropriate solutions for their campaigns.

Seda’s inspiration – Phoebe Waller-Bridge: “As a writer, actress, and producer, Phoebe is a

real genius. Her writing and her ability to talk about topics typically considered “unladylike”,

in a way that doesn’t feel cheap or as though she’s doing it just for the sake of pushing the

envelope, is amazing. The way she executes stories is daring and infused with realism,

comedy, and complexity.”


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